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MISO graphs

MISO is the Lab Information Management System under construction at TGAC, it stands for Managing Information for Sequencing Operations.

Locally installable. Running on Java and an SQL DB. Will also be provided as a stand alone VirtualBox.

Its major strength is the updatability, and in a short term future possibilty to remote upload data directly to EBI-SRA.

It supports the schema of SRA.

MISO accomplishes all of these elements:

  • Authentication – user-centric access control to designated areas Laboratory tracking – project description, sample receipt, library preparation, run construction, and barcoding
  • Printing – can directly connect to barcode printers and print barcodes for the relevant objects inside MISO
  • Bioinformatics pipelines – monitoring and reporting of analytical processes, interacting directly with the computing cluster
  • Reporting – accurate statistics from library preparation and sequencing processes
  • Data Visualisation – through “traffic light” indicators and tree-structured status diagrams, MISO can easily show the status of each project and its elements
  • Submission – automated packaging of sequencing data and metadata, deployment of these data to remote public repositories
  • Notification – automated import of run metadata and notification of change of run status