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NextBio Basic is a free, publicly available web application which allows researchers to explore the power of NextBio. NextBio Basic provides access to a curated, correlated database of public data; integrated literature, clinical trials, and scientific news. In addition, NextBio Basic allows registered users to personalize their NextBio experience and communicate, collaborate, and share data with the entire NextBio community.


NextBio Basic provides researchers with a number of unique features at no cost including:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly, web-based interface
  • Access to a vast collection of public data, literature, clinical trials, and scientific news
  • Search by gene, pathway, disease, and compound
  • Communication and collaboration tools (sharing of bookmarks and searches)
  • Personalization based on scientific interests and focus
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model requiring no IT support

NextBio Enterprise is a secure web-based solution for integrating corporate and public data from next-gen sequencing and microarray technologies. According to the company , their unique “correlation engine” pre-computes billions of significant data connections and enables researchers to intelligently mine this data in real-time. With NextBio Enterprise, corporate experimental data can be easily integrated with public data and explored within relevant biological and clinical contexts.