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GENETOOLS is a collection of web-based tools on top of a database that brings together information from a broad range of resources, and provides this in a manner particularly useful for genome-wide analyses. Today, the two main tools connected to this database are the NMC Annotation Tool and eGOn V2.0 (explore Gene Ontology). More tools will be added in the future.


The NMC Annotation Tool provides information from UniGene (NCBI), EntrezGene, SwissProt and Gene Ontology (GO). The underlying database is updated weekly and contains the most recent and accurate information available for most model organisms.

The 6 major features are:

  • Single search: extraction of data for one gene or protein.

  • Batch search: extraction of data for batches of genes or proteins.

  • Both single and batch mode allow for search with a large variety of reporter IDs including UniGene Cluster IDs, Agilent Oligo ID, GeneBank accession numbers, Entrez Gene IDs, Heebo ID - Invitrogen, Operon Oligo ID, Swissprot, Affymetrix IDs, Arabidopsis IDs, IMAGE clone ID, Uni. of Iowa Clone ID, symbols and names.

  • Manage reporter lists: in folders and share selected lists with other users. When new information is available the user is noticed and the lists can be updated.

  • Manual GO Annotation: our GO Annotator Tool allows users to add their own Gene Ontology (GO) annotations to their genes of interest.

  • Export: selected information can be exported in excel, text or XML format.