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OnechannelGui is an addon software to affylmGui written by Raffale A Calogero, Bioinformatics and Genomics Unit, Dept. of Clinical and Biological Sciences Torino (Italy). This package is an add-on of affylmGUI enabling Quality Control, statistical analysis and data mining (GO analysis, clustering) for one channel microarray data. It supports EXON  arrays and Illumina bead arrays.

It is designed for Bioconductor beginners having limited or no experience in interacting with Bioconductor line commands. OneChannelGUI is a set of functions extending the affylmGUI capabilities, rearranging and extending the affylmGUI menus. This package allows to perform, in a graphical environment a basic pipeline of microarray analysis.

This software allows the import and analysis of the new Affymetrix Exan/Gene arrays via the Affymetrix power tools add on. To download you need an affymetrix customer account which is free.

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