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YASARA View is available for free and contains all the functions you need to explore a macromolecular structure interactively. As a bonus, you get YASARA's innovative 3D engine, which is up to 35 times faster than what you usually know from OpenGL (see benchmarks ), you can load multiple structures at the same time, create publication-quality ray-traced images including labels, and program your own macros and Python plugins. Included is YASARA Movie, a player for multimedia presentations and tutorials created with any of the higher stages.




YASARA Model contains YASARA View and adds all the functions you need to explore, analyze and model small to macromolecules in a production environment. This includes many features you often miss: unlimited undo/redo, macro recorder, quad-buffered stereo with shutter glasses or the DTI virtual window . You can load up to 250 structures at the same time, move them around independently and create multimedia presentations (YASARA Movies). These movies can be encoded as MPEGs and pasted into Powerpoint or played back with all stages of YASARA, including the free YASARA View.


YASARA Dynamics contains YASARA Model and adds support for molecular simulations. In addition to YASARA's own force fields (NOVA, YAMBER) you can use other well known MD force fields like AMBER, and run accurate all-atom MD simulations in aqueous solution with Particle Mesh Ewald longrange electrostatics at twice the speed you know from other programs. YASARA Dynamics is not a "black box" with input and output files, but shows the MD simulation in real-time on screen. You can fully interact with the scene, pull atoms or whole molecules around and finally do the type of molecular modeling that Cyrus Levinthal already pioneered back in 1966 ("..do the same type of pulling and pushing in the computer that we can do with our hands while building actual models. ", cited from an article in Scientific American).




Key features:

YASARA Structure finally contains all the functions needed to compute and predict macromolecular structures. This includes modules for NMR structure determination, prediction of protein structure and function, docking and drug design. YASARA Structure will become available this year. You can easily upgrade from one of the other stages by paying just the price difference.





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